This will throw an un-catchable error and make your code fail in style!

Chuck Norris

Installation via npm

$ npm install ChuckNorrisException


var ChuckNorrisException = require('ChuckNorrisException');

var imFeelingLucky = true;
try {
  if (imFeelingLucky) throw new ChuckNorrisException();
} catch (e) {
  // FAIL: You cannot catch a ChuckNorrisException

Wait.. wha....?

Attempting to throw a ChuckNorrisException will result in failure and will
terminate your program.

Why? Because, you don't throw Chuck Norris.. Chuck Norris throws YOU!

These handy errors will be shown if such foolishness is atempted

What we've learned here today

You cannot catch a ChuckNorrisExecption

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